Netflix and IPv6 blocks and FreeBSD router

1 minute read

I’ve had issues for several years with mobile devices (particularly iPads) on my home network accessing Netflix. The loading spinner in the Netflix app just ...

IPv6 clients hitting this blog

1 minute read

When I moved this server to Rackspace in April (and blogged about it) one of the primary motivations was so I could provide IPv6 support.

Moving from AWS to Rackspace

1 minute read

I’ve moved my little cloud instance from Amazon AWS to Rackspace, which includes hosting of this blog. It was a simple process, but I thought I’d write a few...

IPv6 on my home network

2 minute read

I decided to finally setup IPv6 on my home network, for now running in parallel with IPv4. My DSL ISP (egate) has had IPv6 support for a long time, I receive...