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Ok, what the hell is with QuickBooks and it’s qbemail.pdf files?

Can the people at Intuit not figure out how to encode the document type and number into the filename? Why must every emailed document be called qbemail.pdf?

If I’m sending an invoice numbered 1099, why not call the file invoice1099.pdf or inv1099.pdf? If I’m sending a purchase order numbered 5678, why not call it purchaseorder5678.pdf, or even po5678?

They could even have templates for filenames so I could choose how the name is constructed. Maybe even put my company name in, so they’re not confused with the qbemail.pdf files from everyone else using QuickBooks.

My guess is they bought a PDF engine and aren’t going to bother updating it. Ever.

Or maybe they already fixed this in a newer version of QuickBooks and I’m just an idiot.