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So, Google Chrome is out of beta, but still no Mac or Linux versions.

I’ve been using Chrome on my personal XP laptop as my primary browser since it came out (I’m using it to write this!), and I have zero complaints. I really like that if one tab freezes it doesn’t take out the whole app, I can just kill off that tab and keep going. The only issue I have is with sites that demand Firefox or IE for some reason, and very occasionally there’s a page that renders strangely. Once Chrome comes out for Linux I’ll definitely try it on my Ubuntu 8.10 laptop.

Looking at stats for some larger sites at work it looks like they’re seeing around 0.5-1.5% traffic from Chrome users. This site’s traffic is just under 6% Chrome users, though admittedly some of that is me…

I haven’t been happy with any of Google’s other client apps, I don’t have any of them installed on any of my machines and I remove them if they’re pre-installed, but this one I do like.