Ubuntu - rssh - sftp only, with chroot

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Here’s how to setup rssh on Ubuntu, to allow sftp only with a chroot directory. Note that these instructions are for Ubuntu Server 9.04 x64, other versions may require c

First, add the rssh package.

sudo apt-get install rssh

Second, edit /etc/rssh.conf. Uncomment the #allowsftp line and one of the #chrootpath lines, and set the chrootpath to wherever you want your top-level chroot directory.

Third, modify or add whichever users you want to access using sftp and set their shell to /usr/bin/rssh.

Fourth, setup the chroot environment, which includes copying the following from the main system into your chroot directory:


Additionally, setup these links, again copying what’s setup in the main system.


You may want to strip out users/groups you don’t want visible from the etc/passwd and etc/group files.

Fifth, create a dev directory in your chroot directory, then create a /dev/null in it as follows.

mknod -m 666 dev/null c 1 3

Sixth, edit /etc/default/syslogd and update the SYSLOGD="" line as follows.

SYSLOGD="-a /[chroot dir]/dev/log"

Then restart syslogd.

sudo /etc/init.d/sysklogd restart

Finally, test.

Note that if you add users/groups to the system /etc/passwd and /etc/group files they will need to be copied again (possibly just the new lines) into the appropriate files in the chroot directory’s etc.


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