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Windows 10 and web analytics

less than 1 minute read

I’m very curious how quickly Windows 10 is being adopted. One quick way to get a look at this normally is via web analytics and traffic dashboards for large ...

Windows 10

4 minute read

So Windows 10 started rolling out this past Thursday.

VirtualBox with raw disk

1 minute read

Power here (and in most areas around Toronto) has not been great the past week, and my little FreeBSD test server started misbehaving after a brown-out yeste...

Python unbuffered

less than 1 minute read

I came across a new-to-me Python thing today that was astonishingly useful, so thought I’d document it.

Google adds HTTPS as a search rank signal

3 minute read

Yesterday, Google posted they were adding HTTPS as a search rank signal. This means if your site supports HTTPS your search results will be ranked higher. So...

TeamCity and git and overlapping branches

1 minute read

Ran into an intersting edge case at work today with TeamCity’s git functionality that was fairly obscure, but Googling provided no useful information so I’ll...