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Adobe CQ Tar PM data file rotation bug

2 minute read

At $WORK this week we encountered an extremely strange and annoying set of bugs in older versions of the Adobe CQ CMS system – specifically, in all CQ system...

IPv6 clients hitting this blog

1 minute read

When I moved this server to Rackspace in April (and blogged about it) one of the primary motivations was so I could provide IPv6 support.

Ubuntu desktop

3 minute read

I installed Ubuntu on my new desktop in February. Here are some thoughts on the experience after three months.

Upgrading to Ubuntu 13.04 - uxlaunch is gone

1 minute read

Late last evening I made the questionable decision to start upgrading my xbmc Ubuntu home theatre box – note: don’t start upgrading anything late on a weekni...

Moving from AWS to Rackspace

1 minute read

I’ve moved my little cloud instance from Amazon AWS to Rackspace, which includes hosting of this blog. It was a simple process, but I thought I’d write a few...

IPv6 on my home network

2 minute read

I decided to finally setup IPv6 on my home network, for now running in parallel with IPv4. My DSL ISP (egate) has had IPv6 support for a long time, I receive...

Tiny Tiny RSS

2 minute read

In my last post I was thinking about what to do now that Google Reader is headed for end-of-life. As a quick interim step, I installed Liferea on my Ubuntu d...